February 25, 2009


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Rachael visited the dentist this morning – she had been asking to go for some time now, the crazy little thing. She had a perfect checkup – all nineteen of her remaining pearly whites are in great shape, with one more a little wiggly in the front. The hygienist pointed out where you can just see the white tip of her first permanent tooth already poking its way through the little gap in her smile – I thought it would take longer than that, but then, I never expected her to lose her first tooth on her fifth birthday either! The dentist commented (not for the first time) that her teeth are well spaced to allow the permanent teeth to come in, so she shouldn’t need much (if any) orthodontic work later on. Hallelujah, the child may have gotten her daddy’s naturally straight teeth! Rather than the jumbled mess that was my mouth before braces. Now to pray that her little sister is as fortunate.

Speaking of sisters, my little camera hater has learned a new word. Every time the camera is pointed in her direction these days, she pastes on her biggest grin and yells “GEEZ!” – which of course, translates in English to “cheese”. I’m thankful that finally, finally I will have some pictures in my photo album where the child looks marginally happy.

See that smile?


Oh yes, here I am sneaking in my latest CT pages…these are from the kit “Chery’s Closet” by Late Night Scraps.


It’s a great little kit – here’s everything that’s included, and you can click on the preview to head to her store:

And if you like the second page that I did, you can snag this freebie and insert your own picture. 😉

(PNG – just right click and save!)


February 18, 2009

Be still my heart.

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In addition to being a princess and a boogie, respectively, my children seem to be polar opposites. Rachael is always smiling; Amelia is always crying. Rachael has never met a stranger; Amelia doesn’t like people. Rachael is my little ray of sunshine; Amelia is my little black raincloud.

Grocery trips are always especially fun since Amelia arrived. They weren’t always so bad. From the time she could sit in the cart, Rachael would smile and wave and talk to everyone who passed by, and tons of people would stop to talk to her in return. Little Miss Sociable, that was her, and still is. She’ll talk to anyone, and she’ll talk until your ear falls off if you let her. Then Milly came along…first there was the learning curve of shopping with a preschooler and an infant, and that was no easy feat. I toughed it out until Milly was of cart-sitting age and breathed a (premature) sigh of relief – I had made it, shopping was going to be smooth sailing from now on! But it was not to be so.

Now let me preface this by saying that I believe that my children are gorgeous, as does every mother. But shopping around here seriously gives me a swelled head as every other person or so that we walk by stops to smile at my children and tell me what beautiful girls I have – this is very, very sweet of them and I appreciate it immensely, although Rachael is going to have a head the size of a beach ball before long if they keep it up. She *thoroughly* enjoys the attention. Milly, however…hooboy. I’ve been tempted on numerous occasions to make the child a shirt that says “please do not make direct eye contact” because she does not appreciate being spoken to by…much of anyone. She’s usually okay in the cart until someone stops to speak to her – and when they do, the lip pokes out, the face turns red, and the screaming commences – until that person apologizes and runs away. Guess who this embarrasses most? (Hint: it’s not my child.)

Soooo, we went to the grocery store this afternoon. It started off rotten, when I had to wake Milly up to haul her into the store, in the cold and the rain. She started screaming the second we walked through the doors, and I was just sure this was going to be a looooong visit. Thankfully, she calmed down in short order and we started shopping. Today was apparently Snooty Old Lady Day at Kroger, but even snooty old ladies pause to smile at cute little girls. After a while, I noticed that something wasn’t quite right…Milly wasn’t screaming. Not only was she not screaming, but she was making motorboat sounds with her lips as we scooted around the aisles and giggling at herself in between. I had to stop and collect my wits…what was wrong with my child?!

We were nearly finished shopping when one of the SOLs paused to speak to Rachael and was immediately dragged into an in-depth conversation about Rachael’s missing tooth. The longer they talked, the more sure I was that meltdown was imminent…but it didn’t come.

On to the checkout – another Milly bone of contention. One of her greatest joys in life is snatching things off of the conveyor (if she can smush it, so much the better) and of course, she is always most displeased at being stopped from this particular pursuit. She didn’t try it today. She sat patiently until the cashier handed over two stickers, and then happily played with hers for several minutes while everything was bagged and paid for. She offered the sticker to Rachael, then to the lady bagging our groceries. She smiled at her, and babbled at her. And when we were ready to leave and the cashier told her goodbye, my child smiled, waved and said “bye-bye!”

Be still my beating heart. I don’t know who this smiley little person is, but  I sure hope she hangs around for a while. Fourteen months of miserable baby is enough for anyone.

February 12, 2009

Unconditional Love

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It’s been a busy, busy past few days… To begin with, my mom turned 50 last Saturday. I wish I could have made a bigger deal out of it than we did, but she did have a little party, lots of food, two cakes and some gifts. And she still doesn’t look a thing like 50, which is probably the coolest ‘gift’ a 50-year-old woman can have anyway. I only dropped the ball on one thing that I meant to do for her birthday – write a mushy letter telling her how much I love, admire and appreciate her. Maybe it’ll be a bigger surprise if it’s random. At least the birthday card made her cry…it made me cry too, in the middle of Target, and that’s how I knew it was just the right one.

On Tuesday, my little girl turned five years old, which seems preposterous to me. She was just a tiny little thing, and now she’s a smart, independent little lady with a vocabulary greater than half of the adults I know. As if having a birthday weren’t special enough on its own, she also lost her first tooth while eating lunch that day! Exciting, yes – not so much so when she swallowed it. (Sparing you the grisly details, the tooth has been retrieved – and now I have to find something really terrific for my husband for Valentine’s Day.) Anyway, Rachael was thrilled when the Tooth Fairy left her $5.00 (I’m assuming that the first tooth is worth more than the others), a note asking her to please have Mommy or Daddy help her pull the next tooth so it’s easier to find, and a generous sprinkling of pink glitter fairy dust to show where she’d been.

Her actual birthday party is happening this Friday night – six little girls for dinner, hair, makeup, nails and pictures! Two of them will sleep over afterwards, and I’m not even dreading it the way you might think. They’ve both stayed here before, and they all kind of focus on annihilating Rachael’s room and leave everything else alone. She can’t wait for her party, and for the gifts that she knows are coming…although I don’t think anything can top the trampoline (complete with huge safety net) that we gave her!

Okay, so I talked digi scrapping in my last post…and that quickly (!!) found, applied to and was accepted onto the Creative Team at Late Night Scraps. Anyone who knows me at all will immediately see the relevance there – as the majority of my accomplishments are made between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.  The first of her new kits that I was allowed to work with is called Unconditional Love – shifting the focus to Milly for a moment:

It’s a great little kit – and was an easy enough place for me to start, since love is a simple concept to scrap. Here’s a peek at what else is in the kit:

If you’ve never tried digital scrapbooking and want to give it a shot, quick pages are a great place to start – and I’ve attempted my first one with this kit. The page is already made for you – you just insert your picture and go. Give it a try (and let me know if it works) – just click on the image to download!

No worries, every post isn’t going to be scrapbook-related…but I do appreciate your input if you see something you like. Or hate. Hey, I know I’m still learning.

February 4, 2009


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I have a bad, bad habit of diving into a new project with gusto, fully intending to make it perfect and complete and in record time. I was going to have my first daughter’s scrapbook completely caught up before my second daughter arrived, knit a complete layout for my younger daughter (and all of my friends who are having babies) and update this blog every single stinking day. Guess how many of those have happened?

They just get less thrilling with time. I put it off, because I’m not as thrilled with it. Then sometimes I forget about it entirely. I guess that’s the definition of procrastination, and I’m BAD about it.

What’s worse, is that when I think of it again, I get discouraged because it didn’t go better. Take this blog, that absolutely no one reads – except for you, Talia (thanks!) And I don’t know that I’ve updated our homeschool blog at all. Of course, that’s also been being put off a bit lately, thanks to holidays, birthdays, snotty noses and random other things. I guess that’s the one thing that I can’t keep on the back burner for very long.

I’ve been tempted to start a completely new blog, now that I’ve fallen head over heels for digital scrapbooking and, in order to consider someone for their Creative Team, many designers insist that they have a blog to post their layouts on. But I don’t want to abandon this one, as then I’d have no good written record of family events (when the inspiration strikes to blog about them, that is.)

Maybe I’ll just prettify this one and start posting them here instead.

That would, of course, demand that I ditch the ridiculous monikers attached to my girls and reveal their real names. You know, I’m not completely sure why I did that in the first place. I guess it was because I’ve read so many other blogs that called their daughters Mookie and Dipsy and Dotty and Girl, and it always drove me nuts not knowing what the little cuties were actually called. It just created the evil little bent that wanted to return the favor. But again, no one reads anyway (except Talia, and she already knows my girls’ names) so what’s the point? And besides, I chose their names and love their names, so I’m done with the charade.

Princess is Rachael. She really is a Princess, that’s no lie. It’s one of only two nicknames in the world we can get away with calling her without her having a tee total fit on us, and if we try to explain that she’s not actually a princess (as Mommy and Daddy are not royalty) she will argue the point until she is absolutely blue in the face.

Boogie is Amelia. Or Milly. Or Boo Bear. But I wasn’t really so far off in calling her Boogie here, as we actually call her Boogie more than anything else anyway. But no one knew that but me, so nyah-nyah-nyah.

NOW. I’ve gotten my fuming out of the way about that…I’ll be back with more later.