February 18, 2009

Be still my heart.

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In addition to being a princess and a boogie, respectively, my children seem to be polar opposites. Rachael is always smiling; Amelia is always crying. Rachael has never met a stranger; Amelia doesn’t like people. Rachael is my little ray of sunshine; Amelia is my little black raincloud.

Grocery trips are always especially fun since Amelia arrived. They weren’t always so bad. From the time she could sit in the cart, Rachael would smile and wave and talk to everyone who passed by, and tons of people would stop to talk to her in return. Little Miss Sociable, that was her, and still is. She’ll talk to anyone, and she’ll talk until your ear falls off if you let her. Then Milly came along…first there was the learning curve of shopping with a preschooler and an infant, and that was no easy feat. I toughed it out until Milly was of cart-sitting age and breathed a (premature) sigh of relief – I had made it, shopping was going to be smooth sailing from now on! But it was not to be so.

Now let me preface this by saying that I believe that my children are gorgeous, as does every mother. But shopping around here seriously gives me a swelled head as every other person or so that we walk by stops to smile at my children and tell me what beautiful girls I have – this is very, very sweet of them and I appreciate it immensely, although Rachael is going to have a head the size of a beach ball before long if they keep it up. She *thoroughly* enjoys the attention. Milly, however…hooboy. I’ve been tempted on numerous occasions to make the child a shirt that says “please do not make direct eye contact” because she does not appreciate being spoken to by…much of anyone. She’s usually okay in the cart until someone stops to speak to her – and when they do, the lip pokes out, the face turns red, and the screaming commences – until that person apologizes and runs away. Guess who this embarrasses most? (Hint: it’s not my child.)

Soooo, we went to the grocery store this afternoon. It started off rotten, when I had to wake Milly up to haul her into the store, in the cold and the rain. She started screaming the second we walked through the doors, and I was just sure this was going to be a looooong visit. Thankfully, she calmed down in short order and we started shopping. Today was apparently Snooty Old Lady Day at Kroger, but even snooty old ladies pause to smile at cute little girls. After a while, I noticed that something wasn’t quite right…Milly wasn’t screaming. Not only was she not screaming, but she was making motorboat sounds with her lips as we scooted around the aisles and giggling at herself in between. I had to stop and collect my wits…what was wrong with my child?!

We were nearly finished shopping when one of the SOLs paused to speak to Rachael and was immediately dragged into an in-depth conversation about Rachael’s missing tooth. The longer they talked, the more sure I was that meltdown was imminent…but it didn’t come.

On to the checkout – another Milly bone of contention. One of her greatest joys in life is snatching things off of the conveyor (if she can smush it, so much the better) and of course, she is always most displeased at being stopped from this particular pursuit. She didn’t try it today. She sat patiently until the cashier handed over two stickers, and then happily played with hers for several minutes while everything was bagged and paid for. She offered the sticker to Rachael, then to the lady bagging our groceries. She smiled at her, and babbled at her. And when we were ready to leave and the cashier told her goodbye, my child smiled, waved and said “bye-bye!”

Be still my beating heart. I don’t know who this smiley little person is, but  I sure hope she hangs around for a while. Fourteen months of miserable baby is enough for anyone.



  1. wishingstar97 said,

    I’m so glad she’s making some progress in the social world. Hope it stays that way for you!!

  2. Ashley said,

    Great to hear that she seems to be coming around.

  3. livelaughlove4ever said,

    What a sweet shopping trip that must have been for you. My heart is swelling with motherly pride even tho she is not my daughter 😉

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