August 24, 2012


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WELCOME to Troop 387! With two years behind us, we’re starting to figure out just what it is we’re doing here – and we’re very proud to be one of the most active troops in our area. It is our intent to make Girl Scouting a positive experience for each of our girls by participating in a wide variety of enriching activities. Most of all, it’s our goal to HAVE FUN – and we’re thrilled that your daughter will be joining us this year!

Inside this (digital) handbook, you’ll find tons of information about how things are done in our troop – but if you have questions, please don’t ever hesitate to ask. As much as we treasure “our girls,” we’re also insanely grateful for the presence and assistance of a wonderful group of parents. We hope to make Girl Scouting as easy and fun for you as possible!



WELCOME BACK! Unfortunately, you’re not off the hook as far as this handbook is concerned – although you know much of the information already, we’re changing a few things around this year. Look especially closely at the calendar of upcoming events (we’re always planning ahead!)

Hopefully the (small) changes we’re making this year will make things even easier on you, the amazing parents that we are so thankful for. Your input and suggestions continue to be welcome and important to the leadership of this troop. We are so happy that your daughters have chosen to return for another year of Girl Scouting, and look forward to making more happy memories with you all!