July 16, 2008


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Oh, June Cleaver. Her dress always neatly pressed, pearls gleaming at her throat, merrily vacuuming away the afternoon whilst her perfectly well-mannered children quietly complete their homework at the glistening kitchen table. (Well, okay, one of her kids might have done that. But it’s not like the Beav’s mischief was hardcore.) June of the never ending patience, June with all the answers, June who handled everything with style and grace.

How I loathe June Cleaver. And how I want to be her.

I have my moments, but I’m mostly the anti-June. I wear what’s clean and comfortable, and usually on sale. I think I still have the pearls I wore on my wedding day, but they’re surely buried in a jewelry box and haven’t seen the light of day since. My vacuum cleaner and I are on speaking terms, but barely.

My children are well-mannered enough – for other people. Even the baby, who will scream at me for attention all the live long day, instantly turns babbly and precious when handed off to someone who is not Mommy or Daddy. As for my older child, manners sometimes fly out the window in favor of rambunctiousness, but hey, she’s four. I suppose it’s to be expected. And I hope she’ll grow out of it.

Never-ending patience? Please. I get irritated when my Minute Rice moves too slowly. Patience is not and never has been my forte. I keep hoping I’ll find some on clearance at the Wal-Mart, but no luck yet. I’m nowhere close to all of the answers, and handle practically nothing with style and grace, although I’m pretty good at winging most anything when I have to.

So, if not June Cleaver, then who am I? I’m a stay-at-home in Virginia, wife of seven years, mother for four and a half. I left the working world when my oldest was born and have never looked back, even on the days when I’d gladly have traded a kidney for just two and three quarters minutes of absolute silence. I learned to knit when Princess Sass was a year old – too late to knit cute baby things for her, too busy to knit anything for the next babe. Ditto with scrapbooking – at least I’ll have a ton to work with when the girls are grown and gone and I have time to unearth it again. And I’m a bit of a computer addict – it is, after all, my lifeline to the outside world, where Barbie and ballet are not perpetually the topics du jour.

I used to blog – I started a blog at Xanga when Sass was just a wee thing, to document the cute things she did. It ended up being a venting place to document her inability to sleep for longer than three consecutive minutes, and later, her inability to be quiet for as long between waking and going back to bed. Hate to leave the ol’ blogplace, but it was time for a little more variety – ’tis the spice of life and whatnot. So here I am. Looking forward to learning my way around, meeting some new people, and documenting whatever is to come.

And continuing my quest to be more June-like in my mothering. Of course.