November 28, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle

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We had a nice Thanksgiving – a bit long, after spending time with two different part of our family and not getting home until about 11:30. We put the girls to bed, and I started washing some leftover dishes while my dear sweet darling husband (DH) brought everything in from the van. He came into the kitchen after his last trip, and asked if the dishes could wait – he wanted to show me something outside.

So I grabbed some shoes, and he wrapped a blanket around me (he really can be thoughtful sometimes!) We walked around the side of the house, where the dusk-to-dawn light isn’t as visible, and he stopped and pointed to the sky.

We are very fortunate to live in a rural area where we can easily view stars at night. Light pollution is practically nil (aside from that pesky dusk-to-dawn light.) There are fields and trees and woods, and that’s just our yard. We could go outside and watch the stars on any clear night, but sadly…we just don’t. And after tonight, I’m ashamed of myself for not taking advantage of our surroundings more often.

The stars were so bright tonight, so vivid – like layers upon layers of stars in the sky. We stood together craning our necks backward to see as much as possible, and still couldn’t take it all in. Orion was immediately overhead (this is “our constellation”, but that’s another very mushy story.) Both Jupiter and Venus were supposed to be very visible in the sky tonight, and we easily spotted one – Venus, I think, because it was so bright, and blue tinted. No moon, but so many stars.

And then, while gazing off to my right, I saw a blazing star shoot across the night sky. I am 29 years old and have never seen a shooting star until now. It was beautiful, and amazing – a streak of fire zipping across the sky. I was still gaping at the sky in shock when I turned to the left to look at DH – and saw another shooting star! This one wasn’t as dramatic as the first, but…wow. To see two in a row…it was just incredible. Like an awesome Thanksgiving light show, just for us. What a perfect end to a great Thanksgiving.

And totally confirmed my choice of a science curriculum for Princess – Apologia Science, which begins with astronomy. Too bad she was already in bed – she would have been just as amazed. I hope she doesn’t have to wait so many years to see her first shooting star…

November 27, 2008

I guess she was looking ahead.

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I suppose now that maybe, just maybe (although it certainly didn’t seem that way at the time), it’s a good thing that Boogie decided not to grace us with her presence on her due date. On November 27, 2007 – exactly one year ago today – I was pleading with my giant baby belly to please, please contract already. I didn’t really expect it to listen – after all, Princess was five days late, and she was (unfortunately) evicted. But I was in a great deal more pain the second time around, and was very anxious to have it over with.

Of course, I didn’t look ahead on the calendar to this year, to note that Boogie’s first birthday would have been on Thanksgiving Day, had she not been so stubborn comfy. And while it wouldn’t be a bad thing, per se, to have a birthday on Thanksgiving, I would much rather her have her very own special day.

I never expected her to hang in there for eleven days past her due date, and suspect that I’ll always hold a bit of a grudge over that one. In fact, I’ll probably remind her of it at least once a week for the duration of her first pregnancy someday.


Another Thanksgiving, and I have so much to be thankful for. A husband who is quite often maddening, but is truly a good man, a wonderful husband and father. Two beautiful, sweet, perfect little girls. A comfortable home, heat, plenty of food to eat, clothes, vehicles, creature comforts. An amazing family and terrific friends. A God who loves us and provides for us. Well, those are obviously a little out of order – but the point is, I could go on all day counting my blessings, and still never cover them all.